The Angkor Wat International Half Marathon

     This tournament is a race internationally recognized charity for the relief of victims of antipersonnel mines in Cambodia, the NGO participants from all over the world and running a lot of Japanese enthusiasts, we make up in 1996. There is great international races that can run inside the ruins of Angkor a World Heritage Site, landmine victims has been more attendance.

    Has been held every year in order to give people courage and hope to victims of land mines, mankind has not reached the century miserable again, toward the world continue to appeal to “inhuman ban on the use of antipersonnel mines.”

Purpose Event:
    This tournament is a tournament runners-sued to ban the manufacture and use of antipersonnel mines inhumane, who agree with the gist that gather from all over the world.
    Assistance with other donations help create prosthetic limbs, of independence, social reintegration of landmine victims, will be allocated to support activities such as prevention education and HIV / AIDS, tournament entry fees.
     Not only healthy people, people with disabilities are also people who, through the run, both in competition and inspire courage.

     Provision of support from around the world to Cambodia, Cambodia is a tournament to appeal the fine and thanks.

Organizing Committee:

  1. Organizers: National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC), Association of Athletics Federations Cambodia (Khmer AAF), Cambodian Events Organizer Co., Ltd (CEO)
  2. Sanction By: Association of International Marathon and Road Race (AIMS)Association of Athletics Federations Cambodia (Khmer AAF)
  3. Managed by: Angkor Wat International Half Marathon Organizing Committee (AMC)
  4. Supported by: Kingdom of Cambodia, Siem Reap province, Kingdom of Cambodia Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, Kingdom of Cambodia, Kingdom of Cambodia Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Apsara Authority, Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia currently Japan, Embassy of Japan in the Kingdom of Cambodia standing, honor Kingdom of Cambodia in Osaka meeting to help consulate, Association of Athletics Federations Asia, Japan Association of Athletics Federations, international organizations, ASEAN-Japan Centre, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Tokyo Office, United Nations Population Fund, Cambodian Red Cross, Cambodia Trust, Mine Action Japan, Japan to Ban Landmines campaign, Sankei Shimbun, Sankei Sports, Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc., Sanyo newspaper, San’yohoso, Okayamahoso